Clare Reilly: Paintings

Out of the Blue (2011)

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Ake Ake
Ake Ake (2011)
At the Turning of the Day
At the Turning of the Day (2011)
Dancing at the Inlet
Dancing at the Inlet (2011)

Eastward Journey
Eastward Journey (2011)
Flight Dance III
Flight Dance III (2011)
Full Bloom
Full Bloom (2011)
Garden of Delight
Garden of Delight (2011)
Inlet at Dawn
Inlet at Dawn (2011)
Lagoon (2011)
Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue (2011)
Rata Tui
Rata Tui (2011)
The Secret Cove
The Secret Cove (2011)
The Singing Harakeke
The Singing Harakeke (2011)
Wingbeat of Dawn
Wingbeat of Dawn (2011)

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